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Guide to Evictions in England

Welcome to the step by step Guide for Landlords on how to Evict a Tenant.

We've put together a guide with simple questions to determine your situation and recommend a course of action that is most suitable for your tenant eviction.

This could include serving a Section 8 notice, a Section 21 notice, requesting a possession order or filing forms to your local county council.

This Guide is For:

  • Landlords with Properties in England

In under 5 minutes, you'll receive guidance on:

  • What to do if your tenant hasn't paid rent
  • What notice you may be eligible to serve, and how to serve it
  • What grounds you can use for eviction in different circumstances
  • What to do if your tenant has breached their contract
  • What procedures you have to go through with the courts

Eviction Guide FAQs