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Are the neighbors breaking any laws by keeping their dogs in cages and making them bark all day?
I have just moved back for summer and my parents have become extremely depressed / worn out due to the fact that the neighbors dogs bark constantly. No matter if it’s 4am or 4pm, the dogs will be barking for around 30 minutes at a time, they have tried contacting the council, they didn’t care and did not act upon their requests after receiving the audio files of the excessive noise, and they have tried things such as dog whistles to try and stop them, these hardly work as you have to constantly blow on them. The neighbors that have the dogs are situated behind our house, they are rich and have a gigantic garden, so the dogs barking do not affect them as the dogs are placed at the end of their garden in cages, where they will sit all day barking continuously. I feel for the dogs, they are always alone and clearly hate it hence the fact they bark all the time and it makes no sense why someone would have dogs just to treat them like that. From the looks of it, they have 2-4 big dogs and around 3 puppies that all sit in these cages, horrible. From the looks of it they are breaking multiple laws based on environmental pollution and may be breaking animal welfare rules too? Are they breeding puppies too? They might be as there always seems to be a many puppy like screams around this time of the year making the sounds even more unbearable. I have attached some links so you can hear it for yourself, yes it’s crazy 😭 Please help as it is driving my family insane and is practically ruining all of our lives as it is all we can hear 24/7 P.S (We have spoken to them about it and they do not care…) [Dogs barking 1 Minute]( [Video 2 - Youtube Short]( [Video 3]( I can get more clips if needed…

Jeremy Crisson

20th October 2021



Top Answer
If the council are not dealing with the noise complaint contact your local councillor. I would make a point of becoming a nuisance until the council takes action.

Dario Wickus

11th February 2022



If you’re concerned for the animals welfare RSPCA. Beyond that contacting your councillor none stop might help the issue get escalated quicker

Michael Vanderhorst

11th February 2022



Find out more about private nuisance law and contact your lawyer - although this seems a bit of a stretch for it you may have a case. Sometimes these cases are resolved before even going to the court with a letter before action. I’m sure your neighbour will pay attention then.

David Williams

11th February 2022



Put a formal complaint into your council on the grounds they have a formal duty to issue a noise abatement notice, under the environmental protection act 1990 At worst you will at least get a formal answer as to why they will not issue 24/7 barking is enforceable under this act

Shawna Wilson

11th February 2022



The kennelling set up you describe, in particular the location away from the house and the seeming lack of interaction with the puppies, makes me question if these are pets or the owner is breeding as you suggest. If they are breeding, there is potentially another avenue to investigate because breeders must be licensed by their local authority. To be classed as a breeder though, the individual would need to be breeding three or more litters, and selling at least one puppy, in a 12-month period. If they are breeding only once or twice in a 12 month period a licence COULD still be required if the LA believes it is a business (fundamentally the LA would need to decide if the individual is “breeding dogs and advertising a business of selling dogs”). If an individual is breeding less than three litters and selling without making a profit, a licence is not required. Of course, they may be a licensed breeder, and the above is all immaterial, although if this is the case I’d suggest the dogs’ welfare might be paramount as other posters have suggested. Also worth mentioning that LAs often allow people who are found to be breeding without a licence, to then become licensed breeders, so if they are unlicensed it may not resolve this issue. However, that would make the process significantly more admin heavy for your parents’ neighbours, mean that income isn’t invisible to HMRC, and might just be enough for them to decide it isn’t worth the hassle. Either way, it’s not a nice situation so I feel sorry for your parents. Best of luck. (Caveat: NAL, 15 years with a dog welfare charity) (Edited because I had missed you have already tried talking to them, and tried raising a noise complaint with the council)

Rebecca Griswold

11th February 2022



Could be a case for RSPCA, breeding of puppies is not an issue in of itself, but it sounds like there maybe puppy farming going on, and conditions maybe less than sanitary and nurturing. It also sounds like the dogs are unhappy at the very least if persistently barking.

Joe Koon

11th February 2022



Please call the RSPCA this isn't a way to keep any animal. If as you say the dogs are kept in cages all day then this is a slow torture the barking is essentially the dogs response to the torture of neglect and they have become highly stressed, anxious and mentally disturbed as a result. If left like this then they will just go crazy if they haven't already. On top of that follow other commentors advice about the council complaint in writing and ask why they are to doing anything and get that response in writing. It also sound slightly likely they are breeding these dogs and are not responsible breeders. They will be the sort who just breed the dog to death and then wonder why its lost its mind. I would also report them to HMRC as whilst they may not need a dog license they 100% need to report their earnings to HMRC. Lastly I would report them to the council dog license department. They might not need a license if they aren't breeding above a set number of litters a year but a visit from the council might put them off breeding and give them a scare.

Jaclyn Burns

11th February 2022


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