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Can a boss legally forbid an employee from discussing their resignation with others in the company?
Hi all, so this one’s for my Mother as she doesn’t use Reddit and any searches are coming up blank. She has just handed in her notice (she took all the correct steps, this I helped her with) and her employer has told her explicitly not to talk to others about her resignation. She has clients and supervisors who she has to tell that she is leaving , so that they can be reassigned to someone else. Her co-workers also need to know as she is fairly high up in the company and their case load will increase , she needs and wants to help them transition smoothly as not to burden them. Part of the issue also is that she has already spoken to a coworker for guidance and comfort on how to manage the situation, before she handed in her notice, as she needed reassurance because the working environment and employer has burnt her out and has left her feeling unsure of her own emotions (she tried to resign in April but the boss manipulated her into staying). Her boss has an incredibly toxic mindset and a pretty vicious way of handling things. My mother is worried that if she tells anyone she is leaving, her boss will sue her. I have checked her contract and there is nothing in there about non-disclosure or restrictive covenants upon termination of the contract. So the question is: can her boss legally tell her she can not discuss her leaving with anyone else in the company? If this is legal, what would the boss be able to do about it if she does tell people? Edited to say we are in England.

Samuel Duncan

19th October 2021



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Im no legal expert however I am an employer. If there is no NDA or anything in her contract I cannot see what her boss can do. Sounds horrendous, I would advise taking legal council asap.

Joyce Messana

11th February 2022

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Why is it her responsibility to tell anyone? If the employer doesn’t want to deal with reassigning clients to someone else, they will create their own mess. Sounds like a toxic environment and understandable that she is leaving if so, I would let them dig themselves out of it!

Hugo Phelps

11th February 2022



I mean...what are they going to do? Set up some disciplinarys to fire her?

Margaret Becker

11th February 2022



What grounds is she concerned her employer would have for suing her, NAL, but for colleagues and clients, just saying she is leaving has no risk, saying I'm leaving to go to ABC Ltd might fall foul of a non compete, but this information could be public based on a change to a LinkedIn Profile. My suggestion, stating you are leaving is risk free, telling people where you are going might open the door, but just update faceplam / LinkedIn once you leave, it's then just a statement of fact

Lina Harris

11th February 2022


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