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Can a company charge for lost work hours if their IT system fails?
Advice needed. If you paid for a service such a proof reading of documents and a report attached of what was found, needed editing etc and you were quoted a set hour price for completion, but then when they went to do the work on the files sent it wouldn’t save and was lost whilst they were working on it and their I. T we’re unable to retrieve it and reformat the file, can they charge you for having to restart the work and charge you for the hours they did that were lost, and then further hours to restart? I sent the only file I recieved if the document which was what appeared to be a standard pdf which they were editing and working on but said it was playing them up, and then it didn’t save any Of the work they’d done on it. Thanks In advance.


30th March 2022

Top Answer
NQ - if you sent the wrong document then yes. If it’s their error /IT failure then no.

Julio Egger

30th March 2022

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