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Can a doctor refuse to release a diagnosis report to a patient if another party requests to see it?
Hi, can Someone please give me some advice. I paid for a private adhd assessment for my child everything was completed and I received the report with diagnosis. My ex is questioning the outcome of the assessment directly to the doctor and the doctor has now said to hold his report and not share it until he (the dr) has spoke to my ex as he feels stuck in the middle. I’m currently going through private family law proceedings and I was planning on using the report in my final hearing as evidence to show I’ve not abused my child by thinking they have an additional need (something my ex is accusing me of saying he doesn’t see anything/have any concerns) and to show that I’ve been correct in seeking appointments for an assessment. The final hearing is in a matter of weeks and I need to submit my evidence in a matter of days 😔 If the doctor doesn’t come back and confirms weather I can use his report in court or provide a new report can I ask the doctor for my money back? The doctor has known for 5 weeks when I need to submit all my evidence to court by and obviously got the assessment and report all done and files until my ex questioned it. I only went with this doctor because he said he could get everything done in time for me being able to use it in court (it was a virtual appointment/assessment as that’s the only 1 that could do the assessment and report before final hearing) now if I can’t use it, I may as well of waited until after the final hearing for my little one to have a face to face assessment Anyone know what I can do? Thanks

Helen Blake

21st April 2022

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