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Can a father with parental responsibility override a guardian named in a will?
Hi, I really need to be making a will as I have just recieved an inheritance from my grandmother passing, I have a daughter who is nearly 16 but has severe learning disabilities ( lacks capacity) although her father has not been in her life for many years as could not cope with her ( his words) he does have parental responsibility I think.. ( named on birth certificate, she was born in 2006).. my concern is that even if I was to name guardians in my will for her he could over rule that?. My bigger concern is that knowing she would have been left money would be his only reason for even wanting her. How can I protect her and her money from this happening?


3rd April 2022

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Nq you could put the said sum into a trust account that upon reaching a certain age she would inherit or set up two bank accounts and allow certain amount to be transferred each month if she feels she is unable to deal with a large sum?? Good luck x

Sonia Gaunce

3rd April 2022

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Nq , can you talk to a case agency. When she is 18 she is a adult so he has no rights. Maybe you can set up a care package and guardians for her, I do know of places that do this in my town. Charity run.

Dexter Slosek

3rd April 2022

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