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Can a neighbor legally stop builders from accessing a shared drive in order to replace a garage roof?
I'm having my garage roof replaced and I have nightmare neighbours. The guys doing it are lovely and polite but my nightmare neighbour has been out shouting at them to get off her drive, they haven't been back on it since but something fell as they were removing it and he popped round to get it and she was straight out there shouting at him. My garage is not anywhere near her house or cars, she's just being difficult for difficult sake. They're doing their best but at some point they will have to use her drive because of the way the roof is accessible. It would just be for a section of it and for minutes to get the job done. I understand if she called the police it would be civil but can she stop the builders working and if so what happens to me and my roof? It can't be left as it would be a security risk and what if it rains?!

Nancy Dabney

10th March 2022


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Nq You need permission to use her property, if you don’t have permission, you cannot gain access. If it’s a security risk, it’s your responsibility to prevent the risk, not hers

Donald Peters

10th March 2022


Nq you or a tradesmen have a right of access to you neighbours property for maintenance however you should give them notice but they cannot refuse. However if the part you are maintaining is classed as a party wall then you my have to give a party wall notice

Marguerite Ozuna

10th March 2022

NQ but further information here. Builders should not have been on your neighbour's driveway/ land without permission. Did you talk to your neighbour first and ask for access and detail what kind of access and when. Have you checked your builder's insurance if they cause any damage to your neighbour's property? If it was the other way around, how would you feel about builders using your drive without permission from you? Polite discussion before the event is always the best way to avoid these issues. https:// www.wilsonbrowne personal/ can-i-access-my- neighbours-land -to-carry-out-b uilding-works-t o-my-home/

Lenore Wills

10th March 2022

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Qual non pract. Not the answer you want but you do not have a right to go onto your neighbours land unless you have their agreement or a court order. Anything else is trespass

Annie Schuetz

10th March 2022



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