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Can a new build company charge for socket/radiator relocation after exchange of contracts?
Hi all In the process of buying a new build house. We were told we could change plug socket/radiator locations as we pleased. This was free for everyone who purchased before us and was meant to be the same for us however we have just exchanged and now they are telling us it will cost £40 for every socket/radiator relocation. For all the relocated sockets/radiators that we need it will cost over £400 which may sound insignificant to some but to us it seems like they are taking the p***. They have already thrown our house price up by 12k and now they are doing this as well. Is there any advice out there for how we can handle this? Surely they can't do this to us after we've exchanged and when we were told it was free Thanks in advance

Hattie Tolliver

14th April 2022

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Mortgage advisor: what do you have in writing with regards to this? Was it one of the agreed conditions in the contract that has now exchanged?

David Strickland

14th April 2022

NQ law student- without it being documented in a contract or written document then it is your word against theirs unfortunately.

Mabel Dodge

14th April 2022

NQ - former new home purchaser that’s what’s happens though. Good incentives and discounts to get people buying but then prices increase with demand and the extras get added.

Julio Egger

14th April 2022

NQ- what proof do they have that you asked for them to be moved? There must be some trail to prove that you asked. Does this not mention cost at all? They must need something to prove it was a change you wanted, and if it doesn't mention a price I would say it's a small step to helping your side of the argument?

Theresa Punches

14th April 2022

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