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Can a separated but still legally married person's spouse claim half of their state pension?
Good day So my current partner says that because I’m still legally married , not that I intend to be just a general question? He says even though I’m married but separated when I reach state pension age he says my husband could claim half of my state pension is this correct ? It’s just an argument we keep having as he seems this is what he could do I don’t intend on being married I’m getting a divorce soon It’s just from a legal point I just want to clarify if. This is true


6th April 2022

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NQ. Basically correct. Divorce in uk only ends the marriage. It does not end the finances, you need a consent order signed off by court to end financials. Which includes assets savings debts property pensions Best to try and settle amicably/ through mediation as court is slow and expensive

Jeanette Martinez

6th April 2022

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Solicitor (no longer in practice). The new State Pension can’t be shared on divorce.

Carol Lewis

6th April 2022

NQ The only way to be sure he has no claim over any of your money / belongings is if you have a clean break order. After decree Nisi, do a financial consent order that states neither of you have any claim to each other belongings (you can also put in agreed child maintenance figures if applicable). Then continue with decree absolute x

Deborah Maestas

6th April 2022

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