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Can a small business buy products from Ikea, customize them, and resell them?
Hi This is very small fry, but I can't seem to find a definitive answer anywhere. I'm a small crafting business and want to know what's the deal with buying something from say ikea, customising it (with vinyl decals, pyrography etc) and reselling it? Where does the line between wholesaler and shop fall? I wouldn't be using the shop name to encourage sales but just can't work out the boundaries about it all. Any advice?

Lisa Holland

27th March 2022

Top Answer
NQ the contract would be between the person you sold the item to and you, your contract would be with who you bought the item from but if you modify it I doubt they would accept liability

Loretta Jones

27th March 2022

NQ I’d say the only problem you might have is if you said you made the item…say a shelf unit, but if you say you upcycled it, then I can’t see a problem.

Priscilla Henry

27th March 2022

Nq theres nothing to stop you selling things on youve bought from a shop as long as your not stating the bought item was made by you. I have my own shop and do customised stuff for people, i buy from ikea or hobbycraft etc. Most stuff from ikea has its own imprint on anyway. Glasses, jars etc have there name etched in the bottom and tins etc are all printed on which cannot be removed. So many people are upcycling nowadays and using all these companys, you will be fine. Good luck on your venture.

Evelin Caskey

27th March 2022

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