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Can a wedding venue cancel without warning, and what are the legal consequences?
So as the title says, our wedding venue cancelled on us. Completely out of the blue, no warning at all. We have managed to find another venue on a different day and completely different location. This means we’re going to be around £300-400 out of pocket due to deposits being lost from suppliers we had organised. Where do we stand on this legally? If we cancelled with the venue we would face financial loss, so do we have any chance of claiming for losses caused by their cancellation?

Christine Gauthier

20th October 2021



Top Answer
What does your contract with them say? Usually this would be something for your wedding insurance - ours covered us if suppliers cancelled.

Felix Richardson

11th February 2022



Have you spoke to your other suppliers to explain and ask if they can re-accommodate your new booking? What does the contract you have with other suppliers state? Do you have wedding insurance?

Margaret Becker

11th February 2022



Is it a deposit or "booking fee" as the latter usually can't be refunded. How soon is the wedding?

Jimmy Maines

11th February 2022



Not legal advice but advice from a wedding bar company, talk to your suppliers. Assuming you are in a relatively similar geographical location to the original venue there's a decent chance some of them will be able to accommodate the new date. Equally they may return deposits because this is outside of your control. They'll also want to know about this cancellation incase they have more bookings at that venue.

John Raley

11th February 2022



3-400 is all. I'd count that a success and move on...

Berenice Cottle

11th February 2022

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