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Can a will be contested if it cuts out certain great grandchildren?
Question regarding my ex’s side of the family: 🎈firstly they had childrens bank accounts set up in their names, using there birth certificates- these have not been transferred to them as promised from paternal grandparents. 🎈Secondly the Great grandmother has changed her will to cut out 3 of her great grandchildren- can this be contested? Should I bother to contest the will when it happens on there behalf when she passes! What’s the process? (She’s still very much alive but says if children don’t make contact with her then she’ll cut them out - they don’t visit because I’m slagged off constantly and yet I actively encourage for children to make contact!)


9th April 2022


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NQ trainee solicitor. As long as she has the capacity to understand what she's doing, she can put whoever she wants in her will, it's her decision what she does. Wills can be contested but only on certain grounds, such as she was coerced or didn't understand what she was doing, which sounds unlikely in this situation. A will can't be contested simply because you're unhappy that she didn't put people in it that you wanted to be in it.

Andreas Friscia

9th April 2022



NQ. Contesting a will is likely to be very costly with no guarantee of a positive outcome. Even without a will to contest it wouldn’t mean great grandchildren would receive anything. Firstly it would go to her husband if she had one. If not, then her children. If they were no longer here then her grandchildren. Sadly your children would be way down the list as great grandchildren.

Nathan Knutson

10th April 2022


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