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Can an employer advertise a job after an employee has handed in their notice?
Employment advice needed. In May my employer notified me that my post was no longer required and they were looking to make me redundant. As I had been employed for less than 2 years and was not entitled to redundancy pay I handed my notice in. However I have seen today that my previous employer have now advertised my job. Are they allowed to do that as I handed my notice in?

Janice Baker

19th March 2022


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NQ - if you were put at risk and never actually made redundant yes they can advertise your role and recruit into it. Maybe they changed their decision after you left and realised it was a bad decision. Also it may look like your old role but there may be some changes to the duties involved that aren’t in the advert. Employers can be ruthless unfortunately:( Fact is you resigned.

Lawrence Bishop

19th March 2022


NQ. I think even if you'd been made redundant they could re advertise your job as it has been 6 months anyway. Maybe somebody here could confirm this to be true or not.

Ila White

19th March 2022

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Nq - there is no legal minimum times scales prior to re advertising a redundant role. However, certain criteria must be met in order to avoid an unfair dismissal Claim. They are: The original redundancy was genuine and not simply an exercise in ‘getting rid’ of People . The redundancy was unavoidable at the time. The financial prospects of the business have changed to such an extent that they now need to recruit new workers.

John Twigg

19th March 2022

NQ was the role advertised exactly as the role you did ?

Elizabeth Johnson

19th March 2022

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