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Can anyone advise on getting money back for an advertisement in a Facebook group?
Can anyone advise on getting money back I've paid to advertise in a Facebook group? Basically this group uses an outside website to take "contributions" to the group and what it's for is to be allowed to post daily in the group instead of weekly. That's essentially the main benefit. However, recently they've changed the rules about the types of products people are allowed to post about. This doesn't include those who pay it seems. This made me feel uncomfortable and I asked about a refund on my years contribution, but was told no, because although they've changed the terms of the group, it wouldn't actually affect me as a subscriber. Well this obviously doesn't sit right with me but I'm getting my moneys worth so I've been posting daily. Now they've paused the group as someone has pulled them up about having a post declined because it's for an LGBT run business and although they deny this it does seem like the owner is just having a tantrum. Basically I want out, but I don't want to lose my money and I also don't want to be banned from the group for breaking any rules, again losing my money. Is there anywhere I can go or anything I can do to get that back? If I had been paying monthly I could cancel and not pay anymore but I stupidly paid for the year to save.


6th April 2022

Top Answer
NQ, I'd start with trying to contact the Web page that you used to make the payment, if it doesn't belong to the admin of the group that your advertising on. I'd send them a copy of the group terms, before and after they were changed.

Stacey Vargas

7th April 2022

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