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Can harassment within a family be classed as harassment?
I'm hoping someone may be able to advise on this. My sister in law (43) has been accusing my brother in law (47) of being gay on and off for about 13 years. In the past year she has been sacked from two jobs for her homophobic behaviour (accusing people in work of being gay). She's recently ramped up her campaign against my brother in law and has been turning up at his apartment quizzing the consierge about who he has in there and said she thinks he's gay (they didn't give any information). She's now gone and set up accounts on places like Grindr with his name and details and she's using this fake information to try and shame him round the family. It's totally bonkers. He isn't gay, but even if he was it really is none of her business. Can this be classed as harassment when it's family? Should he get a cease and desist letter sent? And how can he get a fake profile removed? She's already had a caution about 5 years ago for harassing a lady at her gym.


26th March 2022

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Ricky Allen


27th March 2022

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