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Can housing associations house tenants with alcohol, drug, and mental health issues?
Hi I’m hoping there is someone that can give me some help/advice. Mu Mum’s lived in her current home for around 50 years, she’s 85 years of age. It’s a terraced property and the property adjoined to hers is now owned by an housing association that can accommodate two tenants. February 2020, just before lockdown, the first tenant moved in, followed not long after by the second. Numerous occasions of antisocial behaviour. She’s had drug users knocking on her door, partying till morning side, etc. The housing association house tenants with alcohol, drug, mental health issues. Each other house in the row are all privately owned. There’s was no contact from the housing association or the local council that the house was being converted for this purpose. Mum’s health as deteriorated a lot since the property went to social housing. She’s scared to be in her home at times and when the next ‘incident’ is going to happen. The housing association have, so called, put things in place and one tenant was moved on after months of issues but I’m concerned the types of tenants they house she’s possibly looking at future issues. I feel I’am getting nowhere with the housing association or my local council. My concern is the impact on my Mum’s health and I do worry about her safety. The other neighbours are also not happy with issues but I’am the only one that’s made any contact reporting it. Is there any help or advice anyone could offer at all please. Thanks in advance

Lee Hollingsworth

10th April 2022

Top Answer
NQ It’s worth contacting your local MP and ask for a meeting. They have a lot of persuasion over authorities. Hope this helps!

Stephane Young

10th April 2022

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