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Can I get money from my ex-husband's bank account that we set up for our children?
My ex husband and I had bank accounts set up for our 3 children, he was the name on the bank accounts. We all paid in to them including any money the children received for bdays and Christmas. We divorced in July 2018 with no mention of those accounts and in April 2019 he closed the accounts without my knowledge, as he was the name on the accounts I know they didn't need my approval. Since then he's promised to pay me an amount but I'm yet to see it, September this year he finally told me he'd requested the amount from the banks and it would take 7 days to appear in his account before transferring it to mine... I'm still waiting. Is there anything I can do? Or is that money just all his now? I felt it only fair since the monies had come from both of us and our families that we split it and then have a set amount each to put in to new bank accounts for our children, instead now he's sat on thousands for them and I've got no where near that 😔


20th March 2022

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