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Can I get my energy rebate if my landlord hasn't passed it on to me?
My rent includes council tax but excludes bills. The local council has now given back energy rebate of 150GBP l from the government to my landlord but I pay the energy bills and therefore I am entitled to the 150GBP. However, my landlord has kept the 150gbp and not passed it on to me. What can I do? Edit - to tidy up some confusing information

Corrina Hughley

19th October 2021



Top Answer
The rebate is to be paid to and can be retained by whoever pays the council tax. You can ask, but if he says no, I don't think you have a valid argument for getting it off him.

Helen Green

11th February 2022

Sounds like this person could be illegally letting it out as they often they pay for council tax to cover the fact their mortgage doesn't allow it to be let.

Mary Baker

11th February 2022

Unfortunately the rebate was to the payer of council tax, therefore your landlord. As others have said, you can ask for him to pass this onto you, but he can refuse and there is nothing you can do about it. If you pay the gas and electricity bills, you should be another rebase through later this year.

James Bronson

11th February 2022

Hi OP, I'm someone who is actually working on the energy rebates for my local authority and you should ignore these people they are incorrect. The rebate is for the person who pays energy bills and the council tax has been used as a way to identify households. Contact your council and they will be able to recall the payment from the landlord and should have a discretionary fund that you can apply for some time soon as the person who pays the bills but is unnamed on the council tax. I will reply to my comment with information from the gov UK website about criteria for the main grant and discretionary fund

George Allen

11th February 2022



I could be wrong, but you should be the one to receive the money.

Karla Bodin

11th February 2022



I thought the £150 was a council tax rebate and the energy rebates are going to be like £300 and £450?

David Torres

11th February 2022


How do we claim both rebates for energy bill and council tax?

Bonnie Fleming

11th February 2022


There is a LOT of misinformation within this thread. Quite a bit of confusion isn’t helped by it being labelled as £150 Energy Rebate in the post. There are separate payments - the £150 rebate (commonly referred to as Council Tax Rebate because it’s generally based on the household situation and banding of a property - though isn’t really anything to do with your Council Tax) AND the energy rebate, which has been spoken about a lot but doesn’t actually get paid out until October time. In THIS situation, nobody is actually entitled to the £150 payment, the OP because he is not the council tax payer, nor the landlord as the property is an HMO - as pointed out in another comment there are some councils who have discretionary funds so it would be worth OP reaching out to his local authority and seeing what they can do. The energy rebate should be applied to the energy account in October so the OP should benefit from that if they are the one paying those bills. Also worth noting, there are slight changes to the £150 rebate in Scotland (referred to as Cost of Living Award) so if anyone reading this is from Scotland the info can be found - There are also talks of additional payments to be made to low income households but full details of those haven’t been announced.

Alexander Mcclure

11th February 2022



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