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Can I go back to the builder for repairs four years after buying a property from them?
Good afternoon, Not sure if someone can help me. I bought a property 4 years ago. It was a conversation and I bought from the builder whom converted it. From that day I have had nothing but issues from appalling workmanship. Fought soundproofing for 9 months with him until eventually he had admitted not enough ply on the walls so had to put another wall in. Had my bath leak into my kitchen and Bath has not been secured properly Had a massive flood, which I lost all of my downstairs due to him not sealing a pipe. Thank god for insurance! Now my extractor fan in en suite is clearly not going anywhere due to my ceiling now rotting! Damp rising up the side of my Juliet windows, spoke to window people but they said it was the cladding. Can I go back to the builders? Or seek legal advice or is it too late? Have tried before speaking to them but obviously he’s not interested now! Any help much appreciated Thank you in advance

Annie Hentz

28th March 2022

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