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Can I take my ex to court if he is rejecting my claim for child maintenance?
Advice needed. My child’s father no longer had my son over night as my son has been unhappy staying for a while. So I put in a change with the Child maintenance uk and they rejected my claim due tho my sons dads telling them it’s untrue. I have texts messages to support my case. I spoke to an advisor who was really no help but just they can’t help if the father rejects it and I would need to take it to court??? Is this right? I’m so shocked, also would it cost me to take him to court if that’s my only option now? Thank you all in advance

Leo Ball

15th April 2022

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NQ - know the system very well. CMS are useless, there are support groups for them. I personally claim for my two children from their mum because she does not see them at all. She said she did 5050 and it took months of asking them to look at it again before they believed me, even with a solicitors statement they wouldn’t accept it. The system is not fit for purpose at all and even when parents don’t pay they do very very little about it unless you get involved yourself. Search on Facebook for child maintenance uk and there are groups that can help more but in essence it’s one word against the other until you can produce acceptable evidence to prove otherwise such as a court order which if you don’t have it’s costly to achieve especially if you don’t really need it.

Bryan Madigan

15th April 2022

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