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Can my ex-partner take more than 10% of the value of the house we jointly own, since we split up?
I hope someone call help. I had a house and so did my now ex partner. He moved into my property and rented out his house. We remortgage my house together to have an extension built, to create and extra bedroom. When we completed the paperwork it asked how we wanted the house share to be split. As it’s was my house, we did it 90% me and 10% him. I’ve decided I no longer want to be with him. He’s not taken in great and threatening to try take what is owed to him. I’ve offered to pay of debts (loans) and to give him a small amount of money, for what his put him. I’ve tried to explained to him, his house has also gained value and the mortgage has been paid. (His house rented to family, so has a repayment mortgage. Not a buy to let). 6year relationship but only in the house together 3.5years. Can he try get more than he is entitled to (10%)? If so can I do the same on his house? And should I pay for the loans? I think he’s trying to make it so I need to sell the houses. It’s my home the only house my children have ever lived in. I was hoping we could of sorted things without a lengthy legal battle. Thanks in advanced.

Otto Rabil

22nd April 2022

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