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Can my friend get a court injunction against her neighbour if she has a hate crime against them?
Hi my friend has been going through hell for the last 6 years with a neighbour, shes got a hate crime against the neighbour, is there any way she can get a court injunction?

Daniel Ferrell

23rd March 2022

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NQ- she hate crimed a neighbour? Or she is a victim of hate crime?

Ashley Crum

23rd March 2022

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NQ- had a similar situation it was dealt with by the police in the end due to hate crime. but we did visit a solicitor to have a cease and desist letter sent to them with threat of going to court for an injunction so yes it can be done but the person would have to provide enough evidence, so police reports and crime numbers are important

Maria Iverson

23rd March 2022

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Housing professional - yes you can get an injunction through the civil court. Are they owner occupiers or renting? Before a court grants one, it will look at the evidence and also the proportionality . An injunction will prevent someone from doing something, so you have to demonstrate that this request is reasonable. It also won't last forever. The court will look to see that other steps have failed. I.e median. The court will also want to hear the other side of the story and be certain it's not tit for tat, so you need to be 100% squeaky clean, i.e you haven't provoked at all. You will also need evidence. Your word against theirs won't be enough. Do you have police records, CCTV, council involvement? Injunctions aren't handed out easily.

Annette Williams

23rd March 2022

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