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Can one solicitor draw up a consent order for contact for two parties?
Hi, I’m looking for a family solicitor to draw up a consent order for contact for me and my sons dad can anyone help. We both want to come to see said solicitor draw up a consent order and file it in the court to be signed by a judge ourselves. I’ve spoke to a receptionist of a family law today but she said she has never heard of it and saying we both need solicitors separate she isn’t understanding what I’m saying we don’t want a solicitor to go court to fight we just need a solicitor to draft the order so we can sign and file I’ve been advised to do this of a MIAM worker because me and my sons dad are on the same page.

Ana Gregory

22nd April 2022

Top Answer
NQ law student- you can see a MIAM worker by yourselves but the agreement isn’t legally binding. If you are both on the same page and have no intentions of breaking the agreement then this may be adequate in your situation.

Mabel Dodge

22nd April 2022

NQ - what your asking can’t be done I believe or not in the way you are requesting it. Currently going through divorce myself. Financial arrangements can be done in this manner drafted by a solictor and sent to court to be signed of but matters around children can not. You would need to complete a c100 and if your both on the same page there shouldn’t be any problems if you disagree then it’s a bit more complicated x

Rachel Schmidt

22nd April 2022

Solicitor. What you want is a c100 and consent order drafting. A solicitor cant act for you both but can draft and send to your ex for him to approve and sign. It will then be submitted to the court. Would question the firm you called if they say they haven't heard of a consent order.

Elizabeth Walker

22nd April 2022

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