Can someone get their dog back from a shelter if the dog was given to them as a gift and they paid for the vet bills, but the ex's mother is listed as the owner on the microchip? | LawHive - Solicitors & Lawyers Online
Can someone get their dog back from a shelter if the dog was given to them as a gift and they paid for the vet bills, but the ex's mother is listed as the owner on the microchip?
Hi, thankyou for approving my on the group. This is a long query sorry for the long read! Please can I have some advice. My ex Partner has put Barney the dog he bought for me as a gift into a shelter. I contacted the shelter and was ignored numerous times, I called and explained that I am the original owner of Barney and I asked if I Could have him back or if could be made priority to adopt him when he’s up for adoption, I was told straight away I had no chance of getting Barney home. I asked if I could visit Barney and I was told no. The rescue have been really rude to me, they’ve blocked me from their page and removed every post regarding barney now. The background on the dog is, when we got him he was a gift for me.. so I was his owner at the vets I paid for his vet bills he lived in my home I took care of him as my ex was at work 7am-5pm Monday to Friday. I was his care giver which I have lots of proof of, however my ex’s mother sorted the microchip out for us and she put him on there only which I’ve only just learnt. Now when we split it was an already very messy situation and I was being harassed by him, his family to sign over ownership at the vets because Barney needed to go to the vets. I wasn’t happy about the situation but I thought as Barney only lived 20 meters away/absolutely didn’t expect him to be given away and I wanted to save any more issues occurring I contacted the vets and signed Barney over to him. I have seen Barney since February this year, however I was his original owner and I believe the rescue would have been more sympathetic/more inclined to give me a fair shot at getting him back. Is there anything I can do ? Thankyou Picture of Barney in my care at the start of the year 🐾🤍

Neal Rosa

16th March 2022



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NQ but am a volunteer in rescue. If the dog has him on the microchip and he is the owner then he legally had the right to surrender the dog. Legally, the dog is their property now. Therefore, if you would like to fight the case then you’d have to go through civil court and prove that the dog is yours and that he didn’t have the right to give him up unfortunately. If the judge rules in your favour then they would have to return your dog. You should speak to somebody who works in dog law to see if you have a case. Xx

Jennifer Kimble

16th March 2022

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NQ. Put everything you can in a folder. Vet bill receipts, printed out photos, conversations between you and the ex regarding changing the vet name etc and hand deliver it to the shelter. Fight your case with them to disprove his lies and explain the situation between you and your ex and that he’s manipulated them out of spite to you. I really hope you get your Barney back x

Joanne Johnson

16th March 2022


Social Services. Shelters do not look kindly on dogs with cropped ears - could this be the case? Who arranged for it to take place and can you prove it wasn't you and that's you've taken full care and attention? Microchipping a dog is NOT proof of ownership. https:// www.bluecross.or pet-advice/ microchipping-yo ur-dog

Nancy Dabney

16th March 2022

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