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Can the ITCAREERSWITCH course be cancelled?
I’ve booked myself onto the ITCAREERSWITCH cyber security course and I’m paying monthly at the moment. Something else has come up and I’d like to cancel my course, am I allowed to do this as the T&Cs say that they will seek third party help to recover the money? I don’t remember signing a credit agreement with them at all.

Robert Runge

19th October 2021

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It will most likely be embedded in the terms and conditions you've signed that if you cancel partway through the course you are still liable for the remaining balance.

Neal Federico

11th February 2022

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You don’t need to have signed a credit agreement for them to recover the money. You’ve presumably signed a contract with them which you will be in breach off if you cancel outside the t&cs

Nicole Yarmitsky

11th February 2022

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