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Can the person barricade the door to stop their ex from entering the house?
The details are as follows \- This is my house, I pay 100% of the mortgage \- Her name isn't on a single document to prove she lives here, not a single utility bill is in her name and all forms of her identification still relate to her parents house \- She has resided here for 6 weeks and we have been broken up for almost 2 weeks \-She is point blank refusing to leave my house and even refusing to sleep anywhere other than my bed. I don't know the reason for this bizarre behaviour but I want to put an end to it today ​ I just want to know if I can legally barricade the door shut to stop her entering and in the meantime I will collect her possessions and deliver them back home to her parents. She is currently at work and she will be home in around 8 hours.

Andra Twogood

9th September 2021



Top Answer
Yes... but didn't you ask this earlier?

Sue Wallace

16th January 2022



Depends whether you think she'll sue you or report you to the police/LA for unlawful eviction - which will essentially be about the method by which you do this and the notice you give her. Even if she is an excluded occupier she still has that protection from being deprived from residential premises - it just means you don't need a court order to do it. Given she's refusing to sleep anywhere but your bed, she's only been there for 6 weeks and this is your home, I think there's a chance you'll be ok with the notice given: 8 hours and the manner of eviction - although I admit it is a bit on the low side.

Patricia Garcia

16th January 2022



If its definitely 100% your house and there was no form of arrangement for her to pay rent or anything, just change the locks. Pop to B&Q or Wilko or similar, all you need is a screwdriver and it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes even if you have zero existing knowledge of the process.

Krystyna Davis

16th January 2022



Do you need to barricade the doors? Does she have a key to your property?

Effie Stehle

16th January 2022



Do you have proof you asked her to move out 2 weeks ago? Have you called her parents to make sure she can go there? Can you get her stuff in off site storage quickly?

Doris Willie

16th January 2022



Has she paid you rent?

Susanne Tucker

16th January 2022



Change the locks, pack up her stuff and if she attempts entry call the Police. Depending how how crazy she is she might attempt to prove she is a defacto tenant or lodger so get your paperwork straight to prove otherwise.

Alan Freeman

16th January 2022



Let us know how it goes OP, i would maybe inform the police before hand as it could give you an edge if she does.

Anne Gonzalez

16th January 2022



If she is refusing to sleep anywhere other than your bed then I would see this as a kind of abuse. She has no agreement to live there, she pays no rent. Her permanent residence is her parents house. You should change the locks and make a report to the police if she tries to gain access. Text her now tell her to no longer visit you at YOUR home, and say you will be take any personal possessions she has over to her parents.

Enrique Brotherton

16th January 2022



Yes you can change the locks and refuse her entry. I would box all of her stuff and drop it off at her parents house the same day, So that there’s no reason for her to call the police. She hasn’t been residing at that address long enough for her to do anything legally. If you both signed a tenancy agreement between you both then it would be different. You would have to give her notice.

Retha Bulmer

16th January 2022