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Can you report your ex husband to any authority for threatening to take you to court if you don't cancel child maintenance?
My ex husband has told me to cancel child maintenance (through child maintenance service) otherwise he will take me to court. I have the child for the majority of the time, however the original childcare arrangements between us was 50-50%. For which authority can I report him? This wasnt the first time he has threatened me with this


22nd April 2022

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NQ - child maintenance and contact are totally separate things. If he’s taking you to court so he doesn’t have to support the child, he’ll get laughed out of court. Don’t give in to his threats - he has a legal obligation to pay you - even if it’s not much. Why isn’t he having the child 50/50? If it’s his choice and the child is available that is one thing and unfortunately you can’t make a parent ‘parent’. If you are withholding the child from contact because he’s not paying support, the judge will take a very dim view. I

Steve Josephs

22nd April 2022

Nq, if you message him and clearly state that you only accept contact with him in regards to child access etc but you will not tolerate threats or messages about CM, if he ignores this request more than 3 times in a row without any response from you, you can report him to the police for harassment. It’s a very long process but every time you report him of this it eventually builds up a case that you can take to court. Or a quicker route is to stop all contact with him altogether by blocking him on everything and going through a contact centre to drop your child off and collect without having to see or speak directly to him.

Marcus Short

22nd April 2022

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NQ- ignore his threat. If if wants to take you to court, let him. If child maintenance have accurate information regarding how many nights the child spends with him, leave it as it is. If not, update them.

Jeremiah Johnston

23rd April 2022

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