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Can you take the people who sold you the bird to small claims court for vet fees?
Hi I'm just looking for some advice. I purchased a young bird a few days ago with a dodgy leg. I was aware of the dodgy leg but took him anyway because I didn't want him to suffer and I knew he wasn't going to get vet care as they had left him like this for 7days+ I got him into my vet the same day and he has a severe break in his femure/hip and is severely underweight for his age. They want to euthanise him. We have him seeing a specialist next week as I have researched and know there is a chance he cam have a operation if he gains weight but could be a minimum of £1000 We have reported this to RSPCA but my question is can we take the people to small claims court for them to pay some of the fees or because I willingly took him to get him help and out of a crummy situation am I fully responsible? (They don't care one bit all I got was a "sorry to hear that)

Christopher Herbert

8th April 2022



Top Answer
NQ It might be worth asking some of the animal rights groups such as Animal aid Good luck with his recovery

Joyce Eversole

8th April 2022

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