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Did the healthcare professional act without permission from the school or parents?
A healthcare professional sent a report to school without permission. Also had a meeting with staff without knowledge or consent. The HCP knew school were being obstructive to supporting child; all other HCPs involved were supportive and made recommendations. This particular one wrote a report as if commissioned by the school – stating school were doing everything “clearly observed  doing XYZ “ this has been detrimental to the support being given. Her predecessor was a mature manager who was completely on-board and behaved professionally in her conduct. Complained to department who said they’d “have a word with her” They asked to shred report- to avoid the negative impact that it clearly would have, but how do I know this would be done? Never heard of at HCP steaming ahead without patients/parents knowledge/authorisation/consent.. Thankyou 

Dale Renfrow

18th April 2022

Top Answer
NQ - don't know if you can do a data access request for minors but maybe worth looking into (if you can they'd be obligated to reveal all the info they hold) https:// ico.org.uk/ for-organisation s/ guide-to-data-pr otection/ guide-to-the-gen eral-data-prote ction-regulatio n-gdpr/ individual-right s/ right-of-access/

Nicole Brown

18th April 2022

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