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Did the new landlord have a responsibility to sort out the previous tenant's deposit?
Advice greatly appreciated Lived in a rented flat for 22 years, cash deposit paid, that deposit was then moved into a deposit scheme when the law changed, new landlord now owns the property, im now leaving, new landlord says he has no idea where my deposit is and it’s not his concern, my question is , on purchasing the property , should the new landlord have sorted my deposit out, thanks in advance

James Lee

15th April 2022

Top Answer
Conveyancer - Do you have the details of the deposit scheme as when it was transferred into it you should have received log in details. This should also have been passed to your landlord upon completion of the purchase.

Mitzi Pinks

15th April 2022

NQ, landlord. The original landlord should have sent you details of the scheme when he moved the deposit there, and it should still be there. There are only three schemes, they are searchable, so shouldn't be hard to track down where it is.

Mary Boyd

15th April 2022

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Thank you so much!❤️

James Lee

15th April 2022

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