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Do I need to give my ex this information, and can I request the same information from them without using a solicitor?
Advice needed please on wether I need to give this information and wether I can request the same information from my ex without using a solicitor thanks

Christopher Harris

15th March 2022

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Nq get a lawyer. And I’d not transfer your name on to any additional property until after the divorce is finalised and that it’s complete and unable to amend any future financial entitlement from yourself. This I believe has to be added. But my ex aunt walked away with the house and half of his pension. However he had the clause added that she no longer had any legal bearing upon any future money after the divorce was finalised. So when he won a big sum of money she couldn’t take him back to court to amend the initial amount.

Paul Holdridge

15th March 2022


NQ they need to send you out the proper form for the finances . You don't just provide it this way. There is a form a initially and then a form e if you can't agree and need full disclosure

Jeanne Metts

15th March 2022

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Does anyone qualified know if wether I can ignore this letter asking for the information or should i ask for the information or should I get a solicitor and go down the E form route our assets are gonna be pretty close, I was asking for 5k from her towards a tax bill I have received from renting out my original residential home for the 6 years as I was living in her home mortgage free for the last 6 years and ploughed my money into the marital home then she tells me this house is never mine it's going to be her son's, yet I spent money on loft conversions, kitchens etc etc only now she says this home was never yours, and now she wants me to disclose how much my home is worth as she is panicking and doesn't want to pay 5k which is all I've asked for but going down the legal route I could end up with 10-30k depending on valuations and pensions or she could end up with part my pension, it's a close call so should I just bite the bullet and go down the legal route or can i go to mediation ?

Christopher Harris

16th March 2022 don't actually HAVE to do anything a solicitor asks for. Only agency that can force anything is a Court. So how you want to do this is up to you. You don't even HAVE to have a solicitor, that is a myth..yes, they are invaluable but many of us can't afford it sadly! You can use them to deal with everything, not use one at all or just use on on an ad- hoc basis when really needed. I would suggest that once you know all assets, then a session with a solicitor to discuss how you should pitch your offer of a settlement would be very helpful (ie.. min and max to offer that is fair based on both your circumstances and needs.) You most likely will want to reach some kind of financial settlement. However, that is virtually impossible until you both know exactly what assets are on the table to split. If you go to court for dealing with a financial split of assets, you will end up completing something called a Form E. All the financial info this solicitor has asked for would have to go on or be included with that form E...and yes, that includes wage slips and bank statements. Whole idea of form E is to show assets, liabilities, income and outgoings of you both. With court involved, you collate your financial info and exchange with the other party in the same day. Now, should you decide not to go to court to sort finances and work it out between you, you can do this form E voluntarily. Or you can exchange the info in a bit less detail but not on the form. Same if you go to mediation ( you have to at least have tried mediation before court anyway unless exempt due to DA). I would ask how likely it is your ex will voluntarily give the same info back though. And how willing and cooperative you both will be in sorting finances. Because you could spend silly amounts of money and time sending letters back and forth between Solicitors, which if one side won't co-opperate is a bit of a losing battle. I have typed out the general divorce and financial process on a quick to read short summary. If you would like it, please reply to this comment and I'll paste it below.

Thomas Jaskolski

16th March 2022

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