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Do the homeowners have any legal rights if their neighbor turned their newly painted fence panels inward to face their own garden?
England: We have a boundary fence that is owned by our “neighbour” (the deeds say it is their responsibility). They’re actually not next door neighbours so to speak, it’s a strange garden configuration and they actually live on a cul-de-sac that’s a few minutes walk away, but that long fence is theirs. We’ve just had about £9k of work done landscaping our garden and one part was spending quite a lot of money treating the fences, sanding, preparing, removing the algae and then double painting them to a lovely colour. All finished - five days of work - and they look fantastic. Fast forward three days (after the job has concluded) and we get home from shopping only to find they’ve lifted all 19 fence panels and turned them 180°... and now they’ve now got all of the panels that we worked on facing inward to their garden... and we’ve got the same ugly panels we started with. I’ve been over there twice and I know they’re in, but they aren’t answering the door on purpose because they can see me on their Ring doorbell. I’d like to solve this amicably but do I actually have any rights here?

Lorraine Diaz

5th September 2021



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They own the fence... you painted it without permission. If you came and painted my car without my permission OP would you have any rights to it? This will have to be sorted amicably, not legally

Sue Wallace

14th January 2022



I mean it's a shitty thing for them to do, but they own the fence. I don't think you have any comeback. To be honest, while I completely understand you being annoyed, the sheer audacity of what they've done is hilarious. It's SO cheeky that you kind of have to admire the chutzpah.

Eric Zimmerman

14th January 2022



Have you double checked your house deeds to confirm which fence you are responsible for, some deeds will even state the type and style of fence possibly even how the fence costs should be met between neighbours. If not, what you have effectively done is criminal damage to someone else's property. Try and sort it amicably with your neighbour.

Vicki Edwards

14th January 2022



Although what they've done is ethically crap, since you are technically in the wrong, often it's just not worth getting into a dispute with neighbours because you have to disclose issues not resolved amicably upon the future sale of your house. (It would take all of my self restraint to not flip a single panel back and strip the paint off it....)

Stella Torres

14th January 2022



Some high level asshole behaviour here. Sub is right in that they own the fence blah blah and retaliating isn't worth it blah blah. But wow fuck these people. I wish you could get some sweet sweet revenge on them.

Allen Landey

14th January 2022



You should have asked them first if you could paint it, you have basically done what is classed as vandalism to their fence.

Jason Lopez

14th January 2022



Whose land is the fence on? A trick is building a fence on your own land that they have no control over.

Jan Freeman

14th January 2022



Fences are a weird and wonderful realm. I have a fence the backs onto a neighbours garage, technically it's our neighbours fence but they aren't particularly worried about doing anything to it and it's rotting away badly. They've only recently bought the place and have done the run on the right side of their garden which directly faces them. Kinda bugs me a tad, but however the previous occupiers were extatic when we asked if we jointly could replace the panels as they were rotting away, when it came to doing it though they gave us so much shit "if you want to replace the panels you need to pay the bill" etc, when technically it's their fence.. Anyway, best advice would be to put up your own fence panels. That way you don't have to worry about painting their stuff for them.

Kenneth Vail

14th January 2022



Out of interest, is there some backstory with these neighbours? Have you fallen out in the past or was this just a move out of the blue?

Dorothy Arrowood

14th January 2022

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Bang out of order for them to do that, but nothing you can do about it, it’s their fence, you even admitted that.

Carmen Saas

14th January 2022