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Does anyone know the process for filing a complaint against a police officer in the UK?
Hi was wondering if anyone could help? I was assaulted by a police officer whist in restraints at a local hospital . I put in a formal complaint around 5 days later and was given a crime ref number , a inspector called me and said they were going to look through cctv and body cam footage and might have to refer it to someone independent and they would get back to me . That was on the 14th november i have called back 3 times for a update and have been told inspector will call me back which hasnt happend . I believed it was 28 days for a response am i wrong? I am beginning to feel like im mithering now and starting to feel bad for it as i know the police are under a lot of pressure . This is not about compensation this avout the serious wrong doing of a officer and them not seeming to be held to account . Does anyone know the process please?


27th March 2022

Top Answer
NQ - go to the IOPC website

Kathy Thompson

27th March 2022

NQ-Former Law Student I would raise a complaint with the IOPC I would also contact the local MP as it concerns the wider body of constituents. It just means with more active bodies behind it the more gravity it will be given

Franklin Neault

27th March 2022

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