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Does child maintenance still need to be paid for a child who is self-employed and not in education?
Hi all, hope someone can give me some advice about child maintenance. My partner pays child maintenance for 2 children, his annual review is usually in October but last year they never sent his new payment plan so he continued making payments of the same amount as the previous year. He used the online Web chat to request an annual review in January this year (2 months after it was due anyway) and was told it would be passed on. Anyway one has come through the door today, asking for 5 big payments per parent as they assume he hasn't been paying since October 2021. Obviously he can prove he's been paying so that's not an issue it's just annoying, but his eldest child finishes her a level course in July this year and turns 19 in December. She has no plans to continue in education, so does he still need to pay for her once she finishes education? She will be 'working' self employed as a freelance artist so not officially employed? Also, it says in the booklet about a variation for disabled children living with the paying parent, my eldest son receives high rate dla and my younger son middle rate. Would this mean my partner is entitled to a variation?


24th April 2022

Top Answer
NQ- so he we will pay for his daughter until September of this year. He can apply for variation based on your children if he lives with you all

Lilla Hoyt

24th April 2022

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