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Does the caravan park have the right to first refusal on the sale of the caravan, as stated in their terms and conditions?
My mum has a caravan located on a caravan park. She notified them by email on 1st Jan 2022 that she wanted to sell it. The caravan must have first refusal which is in their t&cs. We have chased them and chased them for a valuation and when I called their cafe on their site the lady said she was the owners wife and he had covid but he would call me. No call received. The fees are due by 31st Jan each year. They waited until this date and called to offer her £300. Although it is old they are selling older ones on their site for £8995 in worse condition. The new fridge in there alone is worth £150 so she called to say she would be collecting it and they upped their offer to £400. I can’t help but feel that they have royally done her over. Either accept the £400 or pay the £3000+ for the annual fees. She only left it this late as my dad died and we’ve been waiting for probate as they weren’t married and dealing with lots of other finances. Anyway, do we have any options or is it best to walk away knowing they won’t get another penny from her? Thank you for any advice.


2nd April 2022


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Nq but ex caravan owner unfortunately it is a well know fact that caravan parks offer well under market value when they buy back as horrible as it is take the money and run

Jane Blount

2nd April 2022

NQ former caravan owner. We contacted local dealers and sold ours to them for a much higher price than the site owners. Can the fees be paid in installments? T ans c s can be challenged if unfair, not legal etc

Brenda Nugent

2nd April 2022

NQ Why do the caravan park have to set the buying price? Surely first refusal would mean either accepting/ refusing to buy at the price set by your mum?

Ken Hall

2nd April 2022

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NQ is it a static? could she recuperate the costs from the private sale? EG price of the caravan plus the annual fees that she’s paid (and give the new buyer the receipt of payment) ‘Cos the new owner would have had to pay them to the park anyway if your mum hadn’t already done so. Just an idea for you to consider if it helps

Vivian Melendez

2nd April 2022

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