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Does the tenant have a case against the landlord for not repairing the fire alarms?
My fire alarms didn't go off when there was a fire in the early hours of the morning .. the landlord was told about them by my self and also by the council and he was supposed to look at them but he never did ... luckily I'm here today writing this post as things could of been much much worse ....have I got any case against the landlord ?

Jorge Wells

8th April 2022


Top Answer
Llm graduate - in law you can only claim for what did happen not what might have happened. However you should be contacting the council again who should sort out getting the landlord to fix these as a matter of urgency.

Kelly Graham

8th April 2022

NQ law student- is there fire damage?

Mabel Dodge

8th April 2022

NQ - your local fire service will provide and fit smoke alarms free of charge. Whilst I appreciate this isn’t ideal, in a situation where safety is compromised, sometimes we have to take responsibility for our own safety. Especially when it’s something that’s so easily rectified to avoid dire consequences.

Jerry Gauldin

8th April 2022


It sounds as if your Landlord has breached the tenancy agreement and a notice from the council - You may be able to take your Landlord to court for breach of contract, or threaten to do so in order to negotiate leaving the property. Yes, chase the council but you have other options and should consider leaving if your property is unsafe. Also consider legal advice.

Ruth Barlow

8th April 2022

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