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Does the UK have any laws regarding how many hours a 15 year old can work?
Good Morning, I would like some advice please. My 15 year old daughter took on a job in a local fish and chip franchise, working weekends and school holidays. She underwent a trial shift (for which she did not get paid, that's fine), and from day one was expected to work sometimes up to 10 hour shifts with just half an hour unpaid break. One day while her bag was in the staff room upstairs she caught one of the other staff going through her things. Later on, she noticed that something was missing. She confronted him and he denied it so she left it as she had no proof. The following day I e-mailed the manager, mentioning no names but just to give them the heads up what had happened. She replied saying she would check CCTV (however, there is no CCTV in the staff room) and I never heard from her again. However, without communicating with us at all, she did not give my daughter her usual shifts the following week and now her name has been taken off the rota completely so we are assuming she has been sacked. The problem is, they owed her quite a lot of wages because it is paid two weeks in lieu and she worked long shifts for the whole of the half term school holidays. I just wondered the best way to approach them and if we have any rights at all regarding lost wages? Thank you


23rd April 2022

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Nq have a look on acas they have great information and also you can call for advice and they will tell you how to approach things, they are a great support

Michael Nelson

23rd April 2022

NQ -is this local to you as I am Guessing other people can collaborate that she was seen working there if needed as proof ?

Lori Moore

23rd April 2022

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NQ- former retail manager with experience of hiring younger people. This is from the gov site, she should only be working a maximum of 35 hours in a week with an hours break. Speak to Acas and possibly the local EHO as if they’re quite lax on their employment rules they may be flouncing others too in regards to health and safety. If they’re a franchise it could be worth speaking to the main company to find what their policy and stance is on this, they may not have any input for how that franchise is run but won’t want their name muddied by the actions

Tyrone August

23rd April 2022

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