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Has anyone else experienced something similar?
Hi all, could anyone advise me on what else/ where I can go next? My son died earlier this year and a go fund me was set up by his colleagues from the prison he worked at to assist paying for the funeral as I'm on benefits and was struggling. I totally forgot about this until a member of my family mentioned it must have helped with the bill. I am not in contact with these people so asked on a post for people to get the message to him I believed he had stolen it as no monies have been paid to the funeral home. I have been to the police who were less than helpful. I thought fraud and theft were criminal not civil. Hey ho who knew you can steal and the police don't care. Set a precedent there in my eyes. I'm am waiting to speak to my solicitor regarding contacting the governor to do an internal investigation. Is there any other angle I can approach this from as I will fight this until every penny is returned. Thank you

Jesica Taylor

17th March 2022



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Nq. Have you contacted the website where the fund was held? They may not have released the funds depending on who set it up, and who it was set up for

Mamie Salazar

17th March 2022

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NQ: find the gofundme page first so you know who set it up and how much was raised. Then contact the person directly. Ask them in writing about the money. After this I would make it public if the money is not returned.

Dan Brooks

17th March 2022

NQ: contact go fund me

Charles Claycomb

17th March 2022

OP has contacted the site, until they have completed their investigation there is no further advice to give.


17th March 2022

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