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Has the garage sorted out the tax refund for the car you sold them a month ago?
I sold my car to a garage a month ago and they told me they’d sort out things like tax- I would be due a refund as I had not long taxed the car for the year. I have not heard anything. I’ve tried to fill in an online DVLA form myself but no response yet. When I check the car through gov website it shows when I taxed it. Is there anything I can do?

Margie Ventura

12th March 2022

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NQ - did you get this agreement in writing?

Lori Moore

12th March 2022

NQ Did you send your part of the V5 off ? It is owners responsibility, once it is reregestered in garages name you will automatically get the tax refunded. All the time the car is in your name you are liable for tax and all parking tickets ect

William Sylvestre

12th March 2022

NQ- The DVLA are running at 50% staff at the moment so probably won’t even speak to you before the 6-8 week advised period is up. For future use always take a copy of your logbook. Your first part of call now though should be to ask the garage if they have done it. Some garage build them up and still post them (archaic yes!) Also to add, the garage will not register the car in their name as a new owner. It will just be registered to the trade.

Jerry Gauldin

12th March 2022

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NQ. You could ask the garage to sorn the car... or ask for the v5 number and do it online. They should have trade plates, so shouldn't matter to them if it is taxed or not.

Lisa Miller

12th March 2022

NQ- similar experience There is a form you need to complete (V62) however you will only be eligible for a refund for the remaining months of tax from when they receive the form, they won’t back date it.

Gene Vanauker

12th March 2022

NQ driving instructor. Here is a link it is your responsibility to inform the DVLA you have sold the car you must not rely on other people to do it for you I don't even know if they will accept a third party request for a tax refund. https:// www.gov.uk/ vehicle-tax-refu nd

George Schwieger

12th March 2022

NQ go online and notify the DVLA you’re no longer the owner so you won’t be held liable for any tickets and fines that may occur now

Loretta Jones

12th March 2022

NQ: inform the DVLA you sold your car. don't rely on the buyer to do so https:// www.gov.uk/ sold-bought-vehi cle

Betty Malinsky

12th March 2022

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