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Has the process for removing a conviction from one's record changed in the last 10 years?
Husband got a job as a pharmaceutical delivery driver. He absolutely loves this job and is already in line for a huge promotion to area manager. Upon applying they did a standard background check which has just came back. He has 1 conviction from 10 years ago, assault which he was fined £500. He was 18yrs old and has never been in trouble since. The letter came with information attached explaining they wouldn’t send it to his work if we wanted to contact the sheriff officer of the court and apply to have it removed from his record before sending to his work. Because it is a qualifying offence and happened so long ago. When we contacted the court they told us they don’t do this and we would have to contact a solicitor. The letter very clearly states we just have to contact the court for the forms, has this since changed? Is there a reason they won’t just give us the forms?


18th April 2022

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