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How can a UK citizen with no passport or National Insurance letter get ID verification?
This is really frustrating. I'm a university student, 21. I lost my Driving license, and the DVLA are taking MONTHS to get it back to me( literally like 3-4 months). I haven't had my NI letter since i was 18, as we moved house. Never really planned for this scenario. Basically now i've lost my license: * I have no Driving license. * I have no National insurance letter (Only a slight picture including the number lmao.) * I have no passport (Broke up-bringing, never even been abroad.) The real kicker? I can't apply for a new national insurance letter because i need my ID to sign up for a tax account. I can't submit a letter to the HRMC to open one because guess what? I need ID verification! I can't apply for a passport, because i need further verification. The UK's verification process for UK citizens (Born) has to be the most cringiest fucking thing. " Here's a NI letter randomly when you're 16. if you lose it, and don't have a passport, you're fucked. " I'm stuck with a birth certificate that requires secondary proof, of which to get, requires a birth certificate... with secondary proof. Anyone have a loophole escape? 2nd year of university and i really REALLY need a job ASAP. * Slight edit: Thanks to the people below telling me to ring a specific HMRC number, i got my NI letter re-sent without need of any " verification "! They were really relaxed and honest, so thats a big step forward. Now it's just back to flooding DVLA with calls. Thanks so much haha. alot of stress relieved!

Manuel Avis

5th October 2021



Top Answer
For your NI issue, write to HMRC and then make a formal complaint then involve your MP. For your licence, involve your MP and it may mean things get dislodged more quickly.

Patricia Garcia

2nd February 2022



As secondary proof, can a paralegal draft a notarised letter attesting to the identity and name and location etc. and have a couple of individuals close to OP sign? Just a suggestion - one of the lawyers or paralegals here might be able to answer. I’ve used this as valid proof of residency before. It may set you back 50-100 Pounds but may be a way out of this loop.

Jennifer Carter

2nd February 2022


As far as I’m aware driving licence’s aren’t a valid form of right to work in the uk

Teresa Hirsch

2nd February 2022



What is blocking you from getting a passport? AFAIK, the other evidence you require is your parents passport number if valid, or their passport at the time of your birth, or their birth certificate.

John Vautour

2nd February 2022



Call HMRC they'll sort you out with a new letter with your National insurance number.

Rose Ferrara

2nd February 2022



You should be able to get a [Citizen Card]( with the help of a GP or an official within your school at Uni as laid out [here]( under "Referee with access to official records - confirms your details against their official records". This route may take a little longer, but is viable for someone without a passport, drivers licence or a birth certificate. You should be able to use that alongside bank statements etc. to prove who you are. Edit: Just to add, if you're really struggling for money check out your Uni's hardship fund. You have a unique circumstance in that you are actively trying to support yourself but have encountered issues with employment because of a few issues that were unforeseen.

Thomas Liv

2nd February 2022



HMRC can post you a letter out if you phone them or use we chat. Will just need to answer some security questions (might need to give a previous address if it's not been updated).

David Mccarty

2nd February 2022


You can apply for an NI letter without a tax account, it's the paper application form CA5403, (see []( If you haven't already, try that postal form. I just ran through it myself with minimal details, and it asked for *one* of: birth certificate, passport, full or provisional driving licence. So you might be in luck.

Angelina Dowling

2nd February 2022



Ring hmrc, can use other ways to pass security without NI number and they will issue a letter with it on

Freddie Hauff

2nd February 2022


Do you have student finance? Your NI number is on your Loan portal too.

Micheal Johnson

2nd February 2022