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How can I ask the courts to change my child's surname and remove parental rights?
(NE)Anyone point me in the right direction as to how I can ask the courts to change my child's surname, and or remove parental rights, I divorced my sons father 11 years ago and he has no contact with us since. None at all


15th April 2022

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NQ you can't remove parental rights I'm afraid. Even where the other parent is locked up for crimes against the child the courts are very reluctant to do this so removing on the grounds of desertion is very unlikely. As for name change you need the permission of all with PR or a court order to change rhe name of a minor child below the age of 16. Courts don't like changing a child's name as it is part of their identity but seem to be happy to double barrel the child's name. https:// change-name-deed -poll/ change-a-childs- name This is the name change site. You may instead want to consider a known by name for day to day and then what until child is 16 to change their legal name. This will unfortunately mean their L2 qualifications so gcses will be in their legal name if the child isn't 16 until after Christmas of year 11 as the entries will have already been made.

Jeanne Metts

15th April 2022

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