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How can I get my name removed from a rental agreement and get my deposit back?
NQ : Looking for advice and especially from a solicitor if there are any in this group, I had a joint rental agreement with my ex partner, and I was the lead tennent on the agreement, anyway about 2 years ago I left the property and moved out, I then contacted the estate agent to get my name removed from the contract and my deposit back and was told by the estate agent they couldn't take my name off... Now 2 years later I'm still lead tennent on the contract and my ex still lives there and if anything goes wrong I'm still responsible for any damage despite not living there for 2 years., this cannot be right and surely they must remove my name from the contract.. How can I put pressure on the estate agent and get them to remove me from the contract and get my deposit back... Anyone else been in a similar situation?

Lessie Perry

21st April 2022

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NQ but I was the lead tenant with an ex partner years ago; I told the estate agent I was leaving and gave notice in line with the contract; and I was removed. The deposit was paid back to me, he paid his own and then he stayed on his own tenancy. Is it a rolling tenancy now, if it’s been two years?

Florence Evensen

21st April 2022

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NQ- landlord. If it’s a periodic tenancy then you need to give 1 rental months notice to end the tenancy. This ends the tenancy for all joint tenants and your ex will then either have to leave or sign a new tenancy. There is no lead tenant as far as the tenancy is concerned- it for the deposit so the scheme only deals with 1 tenant rather than all.

George Cohen

21st April 2022

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