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How can I obtain a forwarding address for someone who has left no forwarding address?
I’ve recently got my rental property back after 5 years of trying to gain access. My question is they have left with no forwarding address to send a court summons too for the damage they have left that their deposit won’t cover. Does anyone know how I can obtain this legally?? Thanks

Sonia Gaunce

21st March 2022



Top Answer
NQ use a people tracing service to locate them

Matthew Freeman

21st March 2022


NQ you can send it to their last known address i.e. your rental property that they lived in. There are also many tracing services for around £40 but would be good to wait a while until they are using their new address.

Frank Allen

21st March 2022


NQ Electoral roll if they've registered or a tracing company. I did the tracing, cost me £54 and found within 48hrs. Good luck

Shauna Brandt

21st March 2022

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NQ landlord. Were they working? You could make sure that they get a CCJ attached to their last known address. (Your rental) they will go quiet for a while, but when they start to think that it’s “gone away” they will start to make footprints and then you should be able to trace. The CCJ will mean that you have time to chase it, when they think it’s safe. You may be able to gather your own info from social media.

Florine Quinn

21st March 2022

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