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How can I protect my idea from being stolen?
How can I stop people stealing my idea and protect it from being copied and implemented before I get to bring it to life (I’m from England, UK)

Doris Banks

19th October 2021

Top Answer
You can make everyone who you intend to tell about it sign a non-disclosure agreement in advance of telling them about it. If it's a novel product, you can patent it - but then the idea will be public, you'll just have protected rights to it. Other people can implement it, you'd just sue them after the fact for doing so without paying you first. If it's a creative work, it's automatically protected by copyright the moment you bring it into being. But beyond that, not much. The mere fact of an idea for a venture (e.g. "I would like to start up a shop selling marital aids, but on the Internet") is not protected in any way.

Helen Green

11th February 2022



Call me crazy, but I don't think you can patent an idea. And even so, given it sounds like tech, even a minor tweak would get a big boy around it with relative ease. They'd lawyer you out of the room. I dunno, if you can programme and build, start on it. If not, employ people who can and get it going.

Nina Regan

11th February 2022


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