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How can I stop my neighbour from blocking my right of way?
I have a legal right of way to the rear of my garden, this is vehicular and on foot. A neighbouring property also as a right of way. The land is not registered and not owned by anyone. The neighbours been parking their cars and dumping rubbish so the blockage is substantial . I’ve written 2 letters stating not to block my right of way but it continues. I have looked online for advice and help and understand that I can take this issue to court. My understanding of what Ive read is: Stage 1 Fill out an N1 form explaining the situation and submit this to the court. Stage 2 I can then obtain an injunction to stop the substantial blockages by my neighbour. I can’t afford solicitors fees so was hoping to be able to deal with it myself and need an idea of the stages to move forward. Another point is if I did use the services of a solicitor to deal with this case could I claim the fees back from the offending neighbour who is deliberately blocking my right of way. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Valerie Culpepper

17th April 2022

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