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How can the author stop their mother's garage from being repossessed?
Can anybody help me please, I’m desperate and really frightened. My elderly mum ( state pension only) is bedbound, owns her own flat inc part of the freehold but obviously has a lease. There are 28 flats majority owned by elderly people. We’ve discovered that the previous directors of the limited company of the residents association ( 2 former owners- both elderly and now suffering with dementia) mismanaged the accounts terribly. ( all decisions were effectively casual with The new directors have tried to resolve it but they’ve had to instruct a property management company because the maintenance of buildings and grounds is in urgent state. The total estimated cost of all necessary works is in excess of £350k so all 18 owners, as part of their lease have had demands for the first portions of that. Some are wealthy and have paid, others like my mum are poor. She’s had threatening letters from solicitors instructed by the property company . They have given her until next Thursday ( 21 days from date of their letter) to find £4600 or they will repossess her garage ( 18 flats but only 13 have garages- worth £20k as it’s an asset to the flat) or so by changing the locks without warning and no further reference to her. They are fully aware she is fully disabled and deaf. I have no money to help her with a solicitor and am partially disabled, also under domestic abuse teams because I’m fighting my own intolerable problems because of my estranged husband that I’m trying to divorce without funds for a solicitor 😭 I need to know how to “stay” this repossession ( if that’s the right word) to buy some time for me to figure all of this out??? I don’t know how to word a letter to this solicitor, I did reply saying I’d look into trying to sell the garage privately for her but it looks as though that’s not possible because she’d still be responsible as part owner of the freehold , for its upkeep. ( Apparently the garages also need some repairs) Is there anyone that could please help me it’s all such a mess and I can’t cope anymore . I just need to get this pressure off. Can we ask that they simply put a charge on the flat so that when she passes away they’d get their money for example?? Anything, please, I can’t tell you how awful this all is right now , thankyou for any advice 😔


19th March 2022

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NQ have you checked that the figure is correct? Have you asked for a copy of the costs to check that all is correct? If there has already been confusion, there may be again. I would want to know how much expenses are being charged. If nothing else, it might slow down the process. It may be that others haven't asked questions.

Thomas Parnell

19th March 2022

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NQ. Has it been to court? A solicitor cannot enforce anything and neither can a property management company. No one can change locks or repossess anything without an order from a court.

Ann Lavertue

19th March 2022



NQ have you tried the CAB they may be able to advise, I really hope you get something sorted xx

Erica Aquino

19th March 2022

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