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How can the individual ask the court to consider information about their mental health conditions?
I am facing bankruptcy proceedings and am contesting, but having to self-represent due to the fact that I have no spare fund. I am a victim of DV, and the proceedings relate to unpaid fees which I was told by my ex-husband were being paid by him, when actually, they weren't at all. I cannot get Legal Aid as this is a Bankruptcy case. I applied to have the application set aside, but whilst the Judge was sympathetic, he said that there were no legal grounds to set it aside. A petition has been issued, and I have lodged that I wish to contest the application. However, in addition to the DV, I suffer from serious mental health conditions including Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder and Depression and Anxiety. I am under a psychiatrist and taking very strong medication for these conditions. I have been open and honest with the other side's solicitors throughout and have explained multiple times that I have no assets and suffer from these illnesses, but they are going ahead regardless. I have obtained a completed Debt and Mental Health Form from my GP, plus a supporting letter. My question is, how do I ask the Court to consider this information? Do I need to complete a specified form? Can I just send it in with a covering letter? Do I need to supply copies to the other side? I truly am in the dark with this one, and any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you :)


18th April 2022

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Nq, the money and pension service fund free debt advice through citizens advice, national debt line, step change and others and may be able to help if you contact them directly. You do not need to pay so if you are asked for payment (some firms charge) then try another

Kevin Collins

18th April 2022

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