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How do I deal with a landlord who is harassing me and my family?
So our lease ended and he is asking for 4x the rent so we are leaving the property and are in the process of moving out. Today while i was at home, i get a call from him saying his key to the front door doesnt work (keep in mind this is a business) and said i had broken the terms of the lease by changing the lock (i changed it a few months ago due to it breaking) and said I had to handover the property to him since I broke the lease. I told him to send me an official letter. We have already had to call the police on him the other day for harassing us and bullying us. How do i deal with this. He is being very offensive and police even has a record of him doing this since i was on the phone to them while he was harassing us. Is there any legal action i can take to stop this. We've moved most of out stuff out and just need to clean the property for handing it back to him (planning to on the 1st july is when we hand the keys as we already told him). The main reason he is harassing us is he wants to keep the £2500 deposit. Even though the property is in better condition than he gave it to us. When we asked for pictures is when he started hurling insults and when we called the police. Edit : england

Louis Summers

19th October 2021



Top Answer
Is the deposit protected in a deposit protection scheme? Do you still have the old lock? Did you get written permission to change the lock? Whether it's broken or not is irrelevant (he should have fixed it if it was broken). When will you be out of the property?

Roxanne Vandenbosch

11th February 2022

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