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How do I get my mother to relinquish her rights and remove the court order from 6 years ago?
FAMILY LAW advice needed My mother took me to court 6+ years ago and had my daughter living with her for a while. I believe there is a court order still in place stating we are to meet on neutral ground for pick ups and drop offs, I’m supposed to have my daughter every other weekend according to this order. The father and I also signed over shared PR to her which she refuses to give back. She claims to have forgotten how. She dropped my daughter back 5 years ago, abruptly and moved to Spain. She has not adhered to the court order for this time. How do I go about getting her to relinquish her rights, and get this court order removed? It’s been 5+ years now, and I’d like her not to hold this power over me anymore. She took me to court privately, social services let me have my son still through the entirety of this happening. I’m due baby number 4 now we’ve moved on, we are happy and well. My daughters CAHMs worker has mentioned my mum shouldn’t have this anymore. And that my daughter developed an attachment disorder due to how erratically my mum behaved. I’ve no idea where to start! Many thanks

Christie Walley

11th March 2022

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Nq. is it an sgo your mum has? if so you'll need to apply to court with a c100 to discharge the order.

Petra Baptiste

11th March 2022

Non practising qualified. If you are seeking to discharge a sgo, you make your application on C1 ( not C100) but you will first need permission from the court. To get permission, you need to file a C2 at the same time as you file C1.

Carol Lewis

11th March 2022

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